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Nothing to unlock,
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Tokenize your
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Everyone's evaluation of us

Really! No ads!!

It's true. NO ADS. The experience of playing without being interrupted or having the screen covered up my an ad is great. Totally different from playing when you know that sooner or later something will pop up to disturb you. Awesome!

Finally! Offline play!

Offline play is one of the best parts of TTG, and not being forced to watch ads is nice too. My phone often maxes out on memory, so this app is perfect for me cause I don't have a crazy expensive phone. Winning tokens just for signing in and sharing the game with friends is alright too, I just hope I can eventually do something with them. But it doesn't matter, because there are lots of games, they're all free, and I don't need to stay on wifi to play. Love the no ads, that rocks.

Choosing to deal with ads is much better

I don't hate ads and pop ups the way some of my friends do, because sometimes the ad is cool and shows me some game I want to try or something. But it's way better to be able to turn on the watch-ads function than be forced to have them get in the way. With this app watching ads earns me more tokens even though I still don't know what I will do with them yet :-). It's a great concept.

So is this real money?

TTG doesn't seem to be a scam, which is great because adfree play is cool and the tokens might be worth something. There's a lot of news about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and I am starting to learn about them now. So if TTG pays tokens just for playing and sharing and watching ads when I want to, that's fine. Let's see how this works.